Countdown to Montreal

Reason #1 to come to Montréal: Our home is your home!

Indeed, we are all a big family and it is our honor to be able to share our home with you. We hope that you will enjoy all that Montréal has to offer and that you will have a memorable Meeting. We also hope that all our efforts did not fall short of your expectations. From all of […]


Reason #2 to come to Montréal: Québec artisan cheese

Cheese making has always been part of Québec tradition, it was a useful way of using milk surpluses by early French settlers who had brought with them their milk cows of course. However, the kind of cheeses produced has changed a lot through the ages. In the early days of the colony, cheeses were fresh, […]


Reason #3 to come to Montréal: French immersion!

Yes, you read me right… life in Québec happens in French! But don’t you worry, Montréal, the province’s main metropolis, is very cosmopolitan and you will have no problem being served in English. The history of Québec shaped it into a truly distinct and different society than the rest of Canada or the US for […]


Reason #4 to come to Montréal: Québec ice cider

Cidre de glace (Ice cider) is the fruit of cider-making and cryoconcentration, thus making harsh Québec winters the perfect cradle for its birth. You could say that the road started with the indigenous population, which had harnessed the cold and already discovered the process of cryoconcentration. Indeed, they had learned to take out the water […]


Reason #5 to come to Montréal: Québec artisan beer

Beer has been part of the Québec tradition since the early days of the New France colonies, favored by the colonials to wine or cider. In those days, beer was safer to drink than water and Jacques Cartier and his men survived scurvy and the harsh 1535-1536 winter thanks to the indigenous Bière d’épinette or […]





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