Public Transit:

Public transport is a very easy, efficient and safe way to go around. All local public transit in Montreal is under the authority of the STM. No need to buy different tickets for bus or metro (subway).

The Metro system has a diverse architecture and is rich in art work. The Green and Orange lines run through downtown. They are intricately connected to the Montreal underground (RESO), the largest network of underground galleries in the world. The Metro closes between 1 and 5 am.

Stops are not announced in buses, unfortunatly, but most drivers will kindly inform you of your stop if you ask going in. Bus stops are indicated by the following sign. The metro station to which the bus route connects will be indicated if applicable.

400 buses are express buses that stop at a limited number of stops.

300 buses are night time buses. Odd numbered ones go east-west, even numbered ones north-south.

Here are some interesting fare options:

Single ticket: 3$ (allows for transfer to another ride within 2 hours)

Double ticket: 5.50$ (allows for transfer to another ride within 2 hours)

Three day unlimited pass: 18$

One week unlimited pass: 24.50$ (Monday to Sunday)

For the complete list of fares click here

Hang on to your ticket after validation, it acts as your receipt. Don’t risk a hefty fine!

Métro logo

Métro logo

Bus stop

Bus stop sign

By Bixi:

Too close for a car drive but too far to walk? The Bixi system was invented especially for that. It’s a public bike rental system for use as a taxi, hence BiXi. Pick up a bike at point A and drop it at point B, it’s that simple!

There is a basic rental fee then you will be billed for usage exceeding 30 min. Your credit card serves as your user ID, no need for complicated subscription.

For more details, consult the Bixi website.

By taxi:

Fares start at 3.45$. You will have to be patient though. Pedestrians and drivers in Montreal are not very disciplined and getting from point A to point B can require considerable patience. Check our Links and Apps section for useful ways of finding a cab.

Taxi 2
Cônes oranges

By car:

Driving around Montreal is not very recommended. Road signs are hard to read and can be very confusing. And, as mentioned before, pedestrians and drivers are undisciplined; they will disregard basic conduct rules! That is not to mention the neverending roadworks that spring up unannounced.